They were able to help us faster than any other company tested. Fantastic customer service and undoubtedly the best after-sales support we've ever seen.


None that we could find!




Debt Rescue offers a fantastic, easy to understand service which includes a free full debt assessment. Helping you become debt free without losing your assets, and keeping you safe from credit providers. This debt counselling company is one that has impressed us so much that we have awarded it our #1 debt counselling company for 2021. Choosing to use Debt Rescue to help you with debt counselling is nothing short of a great idea – they will rarely be beaten on service and after-sales support.


Debt Rescue offers a free full debt assessment before you have to sign up or pay for anything. If you’re not sure how bad your situation is or would simply like to know how you can rework some of your finances to have more money at the end of the month, then we would recommend contacting them to get this free assessment. If you find that you are over-indebted and really need help with debt counselling, Debt Rescue can register you, and take over the burden of contacting your credit providers within a matter of hours. Once you are a client of theirs, you will find that they offer the best after-sales service than any other debt counselling company in South Africa. They are constantly updating their blog, their social media pages and sending out emails to their customers with so much advice and helpful content to help their clients and South African’s in general on how to become debt free and ultimately stay debt free. Their service is great value for money, whether you are just signing up or have been a client of theirs for months, there is no doubt about it!

Support and Customer Service

The Debt Rescue customer service is what takes their service from very good to great, with multiple contact options and wonderfully easy to access information. If you don’t like to wait around for a reply to an email, you can start to chat with a Debt Rescue expert who will be able to answer and resolve any query, from general questions to billing problems. Having such easy access to support is very important in 2021, as even if products and services are becoming more simple and easy to use, the technology to be able to help customers is readily available and it’s effectiveness is undeniable. It’s worth opting for a company which has such a high level understanding of great support services!


As we have mentioned the free full debt assessment is one of the best features we have encountered throughout all the companies we’ve reviewed, they even offer additional features like after hours support, support via their social media pages, and even support in 9 of the official languages. As well as the exceptional protection from legal action from your creditors, Debt Rescue even offer protection from unscrupulous credit providers who harass their clients. You can stay up to date with the latest financial news as well as they are constantly informing their clients of how the latest events can affect their clients. For example, Debt Rescue goes out of their way to remind clients of when the latest petrol price hike will be in effect and how their customers can save money by filling up beforehand. Debt Rescue offer a feature packed offering that really does tick all of the boxes!!

Debt Rescue Review

Value for money
Sign-Up Process

Included Features

  • Consumer Awareness
  • NCR Registered
  • Phone Support
  • After Hours Support
  • Support via Facebook
  • Support via Twitter
  • Available on Weekends
  • Phone Support
  • After-Sales Support
  • Available Nationally
  • Physical Offices
  • Knowledge Base

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